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Water Damage: The Usual Suspects

When you have a home, the common ideal is to have it warm, cozy, and inviting. So when water comes in uninvited, it can be quite a disaster. Water damage happens when water beings to appear and pool in areas where it isn’t supposed to. While there are several factors or reasons why water damage occurs, it is important to arm yourself with a basic know-how of potential causes. To empower our readers into understanding what water damage is and what the usual causes are, we’ll be listing a few of the common reasons we’ve come across.

Pipes that leak or burst

Pipes are an important part of our homes. They direct water where it should go and it is a fact of life that water can be corrosive over time or may have fluctuating pressure. It is understandable then that even the most trusty of pipes will show eventual damage. When drains get blocked, they create undue pressure in the pipes which can make them burst or leak–yes, even when pipes are new. Old pipes, however, are more prone to leaking as they maybe rusty or damaged.

Foundations/Crawl Space moisture

The areas that are used by builders or workers to put in piping or electrical wires, like your basement, attic, or craw space, are prone to moisture build up. These spaces are often left alone so water damage isn’t usually detected right away. When you have a centralized cooling or heating system, air may sometimes leak in these places which can turn even the most cleanest attic into an ideal place for mold.

Weather and Seasonal Causes

While homeowners may not be able to control how the weather or the season treats their home, it is important to understand that major water damage can come from this usual suspect. Flash floods, sudden storms, and hurricanes are all mothers of water buildup. Taking preventive measures in order to minimize potential issues is a service that is commonly provided by local service companies.


When certain household appliances age, their pipes can begin to rust or crack and their hoses may also thin with time. The appliances that make use of water like fridges, washing machines, dish washers, and the like age, they are the most common causes of water damage in kitchens and service areas. If you have a hot water tank in your home, it is important to keep an eye on it and keep up with its maintenance to avoid any leaks or dripping from happening.


Arguably, the most unpleasant cause of water damage. When septic tanks (even when its one that belongs to a dear neighbor) aren’t properly cared for, they can overflow or even explode. When this happens, prepare yourself for a gross event and its not just the waste you may have to deal with. All the flushed sewer water can cling to your floors and walls and even drip into the in-between of planks. Not only would the water damage be something else, the health risks can be quite significant as well.

When a homeowner is well versed with common causes of water damage, they would be able to enact any precautionary measures to mitigate any issues before they arise. And should issues happen, they would be more knowledgeable on what to do. This can certainly help minimize any additional damage that could be avoided.